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For Deposits we offer:  www.PayPal.com(use friends & family)  .   


Richmond,VA 804/229-6452  email us DiannesLittlePaws@gmail.com


If interested PLEASE fill out an information form for the WAITING LIST or CALL me(Dianne) 804/229-6452



 Price $850




Our Passion at Lady Paws is to prepare your kitten for LIFE! We do not believe in shortcuts. Birmans are  loving, affectionate and social cats.

We bought out first birman in 1997. Purrlsnlace Ulami "Lacie", CFA blue point, very social and loving. There is nothing like a Birman, they are maintenance free and shed once a year.  They are a quiet cat and are raised underfoot and enjoy our shih tzu dogs. 

BAREFOOT EZ "MR.TRUFFLES" of Lady Paws is our CFA chocolate point STUD has a fantastic pedigree and a WONDERFUL temperament. 

Their diet is premium natural food with special herbs & vitamines which then produces the best quality & temperament in our line.  We breed for temperment and standard of the breed. We guarantee smiles of joy when you receive your kitten who is NOW ready to take on the world!


Please fill out our information form for our WAITING LIST. If you have any questions email us DiannesLittlePaws@gmail.com or call us 804/229-6452

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