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Pet Kittens are $850

  IF INTERESTED IN ANY OF THESE KITTENS .Please copy & paste my application & include this application when inquiring about a kitten You may then fill out information and send it to me.I will send you a confirmation that I rec'd your application.  Thank you for your inquiry! Dianne



  email us for our address, thanks.

We are located in Richmond, VA   You can use (friends & family) for your deposit. 

TODAYS DATE_________PUT ME ON YOUR WAITING LIST l.Pet_______breeder_______show_______

2.Color preference   lst choice________2nd choice________No preference____________

3.Male_______Female_______No preference __________

4.Home phone(        )_______________________Cell phone (         )__________________

5.Work phone(         )___________

6.Email address_________________________________




9.. If  you decide you can NOT keep the kitten, do you agree to contact me first? _____________

10.Do you keep your cats inside or outside? _________

11.Do you have children and pets, what ages are the children/pets?____

12.Have you ever had a Birman before?_____

13.WHERE DID YOU FIND US? Which advertisement?______on internet what key words____________

14. Work occupation______________________

15. Web address_________________________

16. FaceBook name/TimeLine name____________________________________________________Mine is Dianne's Lady Paws Birmans ___________

17. Work:            _______full time ________part time________retired

Deposits l/2 is required  when the litter is born more.  This will be applied to the sale price of  $850 Balance is due at 6 wks.

It is non refundable if you change your mind and do not want the kitten or if you buy another and decide you don't want one from Lady Paws.   If an emergency comes up that you can not get the kitten (for instance a car accident and you are in the hospital for several months) then that money will be applied to the next kitten in the next litter .  

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