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Birmans are intelligent,sweet,gentle,loving, social and a Loyal companion!The Birman, which is also known as the Sacred Cat of Burma, was revered in its native land where people believed that the souls of departed priests returned to their country's temples in the form of a cat.  The word Birman is derived from the French spelling of Burma,"Birmanie," because it was the French who first introduced the Birman to the cat fancy and preserved the Birman line. According to ancient legend, Birmans acquired their blue eyes and white feet from Kyan-Kse, the goddess in the golden robes.

Mme Marcelle Adam was the first importer of the Birman breed in France in l925.Her cattery name was Maldapour. She was the president of the Federation Feline Francaise. Yet another account says Major Russell was the first to import the Birman . Outcrossing with Siamese, Himalayans and Persians ensured the Birman's survival by l955.The first pair of Birmans arrrived in the US in l959.

The French cat registry recognized the Birman as a separate breed in l925 and called it Sacre de Birmanie. Then in l966 the breed received recognition in England.Then in l967 The Cat Fanciers Association recognized the Birman in the US. There are two National Birman organizations: Sacred Cat of Burma Fanciers(which is the oldest Birman breed club in the Cat Fanciers' Association) and the other is National Birman Fanciers.