CARE of Your New Kitten

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When you bring your baby home make certain you keep him/her in a small area so she gets used to where her litter box is.  I use the Feline Pine and they love it! If you are introducing him/her to other cats then put one in a crate so they can smell each other for several days.  Ulternate one in the crate, then the baby in the crate(during the day).  Then they will be the best of friends.

Do not get high cat posts because when they are young jumping can affect their knee joints.  Sometimes they will give you love bites, if it is too many , then hit their nose gently and say "No".

Nutrition is very important as the natrual food will keep your kitten in the best of health. 75% is nutrition 25% is heredity. All natural because preservatives cause cancer and by products cause tumors & other diseases.  I use 4 Health grain free whitefish & pot., 4 Health indoor cat,(only at  Nurture, a chicken dry food.Uretic chicken adult as they get older by they have Feline treats that are great when they are past 6 months, just to ensure they are eating their food  to make their organs and bones grow to the Max! Dream Treats are excellent for them from Wysong.

When you take them to the vet for their first shot let them know how sensitive Birmans are to shots.Do not give them Feline Leukemia or feline infectious peritonitis vaccine.  I suggest even a half of a dose to see how they respond or ask your vet to give them Amoxicillin before  the shot and after for a couple of days to prevent any kind of reaction.Email me for a copy of a customers letter to take to the vet if needed.   Always sit them on a paper towel(especially when they weigh them) so they do not pick up diseases from the vet. Take in a stool sample to see if they have paracites, do not autimatically worm them.

When you fix your baby use only inhalation anethesia so it regulates the amount of anethesia going into their system.  




1)What is Renal Dysplasia. It is the failure of normal development of the kidney. It is a genetic disease that happens when two genes, one dominant and one recessive must simultaneously be present.
2)Should you declaw your kitten? When they declaw a cat they actually take off part of their finger/toe.

3)What about hairballs? The vet has a gel that they love.

4)What about kids having a kitten.Birmans are gentle,intelligent, sweet, loving, social and loyal companions.

5)If you want a holistic vet I recommend: Dr.Roger DeHaan located in SC.704/734-0061 M-F 9-2

6) What about your guarantee? See health guarantee

7)Wet or Dry food? Dry food is better for their teeth. Avoid any food with meat by products because  they cause tumors,cancer & diseases.

8)When should we get their teeth cleaned. When your vet recommends it for Your cat. Healthy teeth also helps the kidneys function better. 9)What is inhalation anethesia? It regulates the anethesia so your cat does not get too much and dies.


10)Water is very important. Give them filtered water or spring/distilled water.

Did you know that cats have l00 vocal sounds,while dogs have ten.Did you know Cats do Not have a collarbone, which allows them to fit through any opening the size of their head.

Did you know their field of vision doesn't extend directly below their nose, that is why it is hard for them to see tidbits on the floor.   Did you know a frightened cat can run up to 3l m.p.h.   Did you know that Cats purr 26 cycles per second!

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