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Our girls have wonderful and mellow personalities. They are social and their kittens are handle all the time and much time is spent with them as they grow which makes them very special and loving for my customers. They are all wonderful mothers.   

CH. Purr-Cussion Jewels of Lady Paws "Sophia", Spayed~ our tortie point dob 8-16-12


Ashi's "Jasmine's" Joy of LadyPaws,USA   dob 1-20-12  Our  seal point  Retired. See "Jasmine" growing up and "Jasmine's" Nursery .      

Aazlaan Daphne of Lady Paws  "LoverGirl"  Seal Point Birman She is now RETIRED

Aazlaan Daphne of Lady Paws "LoverGirl" Seal Point Birman  retired 

"Exquisite Rose"   Past Seal Point Photo courtesy of Meredith

   "LoverGirl"    retired and happy happy with Lynn  

Special" Rose":  3-07 to 3-09


















































































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Champion Lady Paws All American "Sophia" USA  My Special "Sophia"          5-03 ~ 8-12

Champion Lady Paws All American "Sophia" USA  Tortie Point   My Special  "Sophia"  5-03~8-12

Champion Lady Paws All American "Sophia" USA

My Special "Sophia" 5-03~8-12

Champion Lady Paws A  "Sparkle" of Joy  Tortie Point Retired