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You can order Holiday cards from the samples below.  You can choose a photo of mine or EMAIL ME YOUR PHOTO !!!

Below are samples of Christmas Cards. PERSONALIZE YOUR CARD WITH YOUR NAME. ALSO MIX & MATCH CARD SAYINGS(If you like the card but not the saying, find one you do!!!). You can use any of my photos on my web or you can send in YOUR PHOTO with card order  number and a check made out to Dianne Patten. Call me 804/523-7762 or email me  for my address and any questions.

Card Size is 4 x 8 and you can write on the back.

15=$15.00  S&H $4.50  Total $19.50

25=$25.00  S&H $5.50  Total  $30.50

Pink tree Taco Bear C-13

Tree LoverBoy C-14

Peace C-15

Santa Purple Cat C-16

Angel Cat C-17

Packages Cat C-18

Ho Ho Cat C-19

Wise Men C-20

Joy Cat C-21

Dove 3 cats C-22

Candles C-23

Tree Anna C-24

Dove Alfredo C-25

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